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Indian journalist and another scribe ordered to leave Maldives
MALE: Two foreign journalists, who were arrested by the Maldivian police for violating immigration rules, have been ordered to leave the island nation facing political turmoil.
The two journalists working for French news agency AFP, Indian national Money Sharma and British national of Indian-origin Atish Ravi Patel, were handed over to immigration authorities by the police after it was found that they were working in violation of the country's immigration rules, the police said in a statement.
警察在一份声明中表示,这两名记者为法新社工作金骨宝 ,分别是印籍Money Sharma和英籍印裔Atish Ravi Patel,他们被发现从事违反马尔代夫移民规定的工作,已被警方移交移民局。
"These individuals were found to be working and reporting as journalists while on a tourist visa, in contravention to the Immigration Act and Regulations林清轩官网 ," the statement said.
The Maldives police恋上小笨妞, however, clarified that no legal action will be taken against the two journalists.

Deepak-19 hours agoLike hongkong,粟奕 Maldives will be part China in next 10 years.
Babu Rajendran Chandran-Chennai-20 hours agoThe present dictatorial government in Maldives is definitely pro-China,and so,it is asking our journalists to go out on some ruse,while granting V..I.P treatment to Chinky journos.
马尔代夫政府是亲中的,要求我们的记者离开大工新闻网 ,却给中国记者VIP待遇毕业歌简谱。
Vishw vishw-Bangalore -18 hours agoThe ungrateful maldivians should be allowed to be stewed in their own juice.
Pradeepkumar P-Bah-19 hours agoThe UN and India must find a suitable solution, other wise the china will take over it
Rocky Rocky-Earth-19 hours agoIt is now clear MALDIVES IS NO MORE RULED BY DEMOCRACY BUT DI*TOR. This has now confirmed that Maldives became Landshark China's hardcorr slave and its president is the pet puppy of xi jinpigg.. INDIA AWAITED TO GET IT CONFIRMED, that what is fact behind sacking the SC judge...
很明显马尔代夫不再是民主国家 它已经变成了陆地之鲨中国的奴隶中国银行外币牌价 。
Ivan Bigger-Trump Manor-19 hours agoMaldives diving into more anarchy
Abcd-15 hours agoSince Modi took over as India''s PM费县龙之媒 , India has lost the trust of all South Asia countries. All South Asia countries have turned to China.
自莫迪当上印度总理后,印度失去了南亚国家的信任。 南亚国家纷纷转向中国。
Anonymous-16 hours agoUS & EUROPE unhappy with BIG BULLY CHINA and SNATCHING LAND SEA AIR from small neighbours two years ago have decided to BACK OUT all Manufacturing out of China. Factories have been MIGRATING. This plus BOYCOTT of Chinese goods NOW by Billions CHINA is on auto pilot to be DOOMED.No War needed.
两年前,欧美对中国抢小国领土不满,决定从中国撤出制造业贾贵斌。工厂已经迁移。 加上抵制中国商品,十几亿中国人注定失败。不用打仗就输了。
nkgopal-Mumbai-18 hours agoWhat about the tourists? They may prefer Chinese only!
Balasubramanian-20 hours agoWhy the Maldives government did not find out that the two journalists of Indian origin were staying there on tourist visas before the turmoil set in生死英雄 ?
Bystandar-Byander-4 hours agoAfraid of truth being said?
Rohan Dayanand-13 hours agoillegal indian immigrants everywhere..........why cant indians live with dignity in their own country?
Najib Najib-kochi-15 hours agoWhat the India govt is waiting for, use force and establish normalcy and democracy in Maldives.
Yogesh-Location-16 hours agoForeign policy of the government of India is totally failed in Maldives.
Amarendra Ray-delhi-16 hours agoNasheed a true democrat doesn''t believe in gun boat diplomacy. Only solution is sanction by UNSC which is still dithering on the issue. All tourists are advised not to go Maldives unless democracy returns.
纳希德是真正民主党人,不信奉炮舰外交,唯一解决办法是联合国安理会制裁爱在飞 。 除非民主回归小艾生活网 ,否则建议游客别去马尔代夫寄诚庸 。
Andy Karuppiah-17 hours agoIf all maldives submerge under seaPacked them to China or India who will accept them ? stupid leader and peoples of Maldives
马尔代夫人要是沉入海底,谁会接受他们维达宝 。中国还是印度?愚蠢的马尔代夫领导人,愚蠢的马尔代夫人。
Dean-traveller-20 hours agowhy Indian journalists were on tourists visa? why proper method was not followed by the concerned persons地雷英雄传 ? thank present Maldivian govt. for bit arresting you!!
为什么印度记者拿旅游签证入境?为什么没有按照程序来走? 感谢当前马尔代夫政府逮捕了你们!